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Russell Watson's Amore Musica is his first since recent throat surgery--and his fans need not worry. While his sound remains somewhat manufactured (the engineers deserve credit for equalizing his tone), he knows how to put across a heart-rending melody whether he's crooning ("cooing" would not be an inappropriate word either) or using a darker, fuller tone.

The inspirational "You Raise Me Up" contains great examples of both. He's backed by a chorus in a song made up of a medley of tunes from the film Gladiator. Lara Fabian joins him in a duet called "The Alchemist." He wrings every bit of emotion out of "I'll Walk with God" from The Student Prince. A tune based on Elgar's "Nimrod" sits very high, and Watson occasionally sounds as if he's shouting. Purists might argue with the many breaks in his voice between registers, while his fans love precisely these tics, but by now those who love him will know that they want this CD and will not be disappointed. Opera lovers--or even Bocelli fans--need not apply.
G4 - Act Three £5.99
G4 have certainly come a long way since their days as London buskers and classical music students. With two highly-praised albums behind them (containing remarkable versions of songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Everybody Hurts" and "You're the Voice", and classical covers that run from "Nessun Dorma" to "La Donna E Mobile"), the charismatic quartet known now deliver a third album of vocal showpieces. Once again they approach a quite dizzying array of songs - from Queen's "Somebody to Love" and the Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays" to "Volare" and "Amazing Grace" - with impeccable confidence and a sense of stylish perfection. Act 3 contains several potential 2006 Xmas anthems, including a sublime rendition of "Silent Night", and the choice of songs, wonderful harmonizing and captivating arrangements (two tracks have been recorded with a big band) indicate a slightly more mature direction for the band in general.--Danny McKenna

Description 'Act Three' is the third album from 'Popera' sensations G4.Sticking to their popular formula of re-interpreting classic pop and traditional songs in their own inimitable way, this album is sure to please their legions of fans. Includes covers of popular songs 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley and 'I Don'tLike Mondays' by the Boomtown Rats.
Making A Dream Come True must certainly have been just that for 12-year-old Becky Taylor, balancing singing with a symphony orchestra one day with being back at school the next. Having appeared in Les Miserables at age 7, she won the Thorndyke Theatre Talent Competition at 8 and the British Arts Award two years later. Inevitably dubbed the "new Charlotte Church," Taylor nevertheless avoids hymns and classical arrangements, offering an appropriately youthful selection from movies and musicals. Several of these, including the specially written "Song of Dreams," continue the theme of dreaming or have fantastical, magical connotations. With a Hollywood-style production and numbers from Peter Pan ("Just Beyond the Stars" and "I'm Flying"), Mary Poppins ("Stay Awake"), and The Rescuers ("Someone's Waiting for You"), there is a Disney-sweet sensibility throughout. Taylor makes a fine job of "Over the Rainbow," being a much more appropriate age for Dorothy than Judy Garland was. Moreover, she is surprisingly comfortable with "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady, though anyone would struggle to make much of "Thank You, Stars" from Watership Down.

Demonstrating a voice years ahead of its time, this cute and innocent album promises much for Becky Taylor's future as a major stage-musical star.
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